Kaitlin Anderson

Kaitlin AndersonKaitlin Anderson

212 Graduate Education Building
College of Education and Health Professions
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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Kaitlin Anderson is a Distinguished Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Education Reform and a Research Assistant in the Office for Education Policy at the University of Arkansas. Originally from North Carolina, Kaitlin graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S in Commerce and Economics. After graduating, Kaitlin was a member of the Finance Management Associate Program and a Senior Financial Analyst at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC and Boston, MA. Prior to joining the Department of Education Reform, Kaitlin taught high school mathematics at Fordyce High School through Teach for America.


  • University of Arkansas - Ph.D. in Education Policy - (Anticipated May 2018)
  • University of Virginia - B.S. in Commerce and Economics

Research Reports

  • Ritter, G.W., Wolf, P.J., Anderson, K., Foreman, L., Rhinesmith, E., & Swanson, E. (2016). Arkansas Charter School Program Evaluation: School Years 2011-12 Through 2013-14. Fayetteville, AR: Office for Education Policy.
  • Anderson, K.P., Ash, J.W., Burks, S.M., & Ritter, G.W. (July 2014). "An Overview of School Discipline Statistics in Arkansas School Districts, 2010-2013."
  • Anderson, K.P., Ash, J.W., Burks, S.M., & Ritter, G.W. (October 2013). "Public School Choice and Desegregation in Arkansas." Arkansas Education Report, 10(2), Office for Education Policy, University of Arkansas.

Working Papers:

  • Anderson, K.P. & Ritter, G.W. (Forthcoming). "Disparate Use of Exclusionary Discipline: Evidence on Inequities in School Discipline from a U.S. State." EDRE Working Paper No. 2016-14.
  • Anderson, K.P., Ritter, G.W. (2017). "Understanding a Vicious Cycle: Do Out-of-School Suspensions Impact Student Test Scores?"
  • Anderson, K.P. & Wolf, P.J. (2017). "The Experimental - Quasi-Experimental Divide: Can Quasi-Experimental Design Methods Approximate Randomized Controlled Trial Impacts in a School Voucher Study?"
  • Foreman, L.M., Anderson, K.P., Ritter, G.W., & Wolf, P.J. (2017). "Choosing Your Validity: Analyzing the Impacts of Charter Schools in a U.S. State using Two Types of Matching Designs."
  • Shakeel, M.D., Anderson, K.P., & Wolf, P.J. (2017). "The juice is worth the squeeze: A cost-effectiveness analysis of the experimental evidence on private school vouchers across the globe."
  • Shakeel, M.D., Anderson, K.P., & Wolf, P.J. (2016). "The Participant Effects of Private School Vouchers across the Globe: A Meta-Analytic and Systematic Review." EDRE Working Paper No. 2016-07.
  • Zamarro, G., Anderson, K.P., Steele, J., & Miller, T. (2016). "Comparing Performance of Methods to Deal with Differential Attrition in Lottery Based Evaluations." EDRE Working Paper No. 2016-15.
  • Anderson, K.P. & Ritter, G.W. (2015). "Discipline Disproportionalities in Schools: The Relationship Between Student Characteristics and School Disciplinary Outcomes." EDRE Working Paper No. 2015-08.
  • Anderson, K.P., & Ritter, G.W. (2015). "Do School Discipline Policies Treat Students Fairly? A Second Look at School Discipline Rate Disparities." EDRE Working Paper No. 2015-11.
  • Anderson, K.P., "Principal Leadership Styles or Community Factors? A Mixed-Methods Analysis of the Use of Corporal Punishment in Arkansas Schools."
  • Anderson, K.P., "The Politics of School Discipline: A Quantitative Analysis of the Legalization and Use of Corporal Punishment in the United States."