M. Danish Shakeel

M Danish ShakeelM. Danish Shakeel

Mohammad Danish Shakeel
212 Graduate Education Building
College of Education and Health Professions
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (479) 575-3172

Danish Shakeel has an academic background in physics, mathematics and computer science. His professional background includes software engineering, teaching, education administration and management consultation. Originally from India, Danish has been educated in India and the U.S. and he has also worked in both countries. Currently he is a Doctoral Academy Fellow and a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas. His research interests include religious schooling, school choice, international education, history and philosophy of education reform and research methods. His work has also been cited in the Wall Street Journal .


  • University of Arkansas - Ph.D. in Education Policy (expected 2018)
  • Youngstown State University - M.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science option
  • Aligarh Muslim University - M.S. in Physics
  • Aligarh Muslim University - B.S. in Physics, minor in Mathematics and Chemistry

Research Interests:

  • K-12 schooling models
  • Program Evaluation
  • Research methods
  • Civic values
  • Religious schooling
  • Educational Leadership
  • School choice
  • History and philosophy of education reform

Research Experience:

  • Journal of School choice - Editorial assistant, Fall 2016-Present, Reviewer, 2014-Present.
  • University of Arkansas - Research assistant to Dr. Gema Zamarro at the Character Assessment Initiative, 2015-Present
  • University of Arkansas - Research assistant to Dr. Robert Maranto, 2014- 2015, 2016-Present
  • Youngstown State University - Research Assistant to Dr. Alina Lazar

Research Skills:

  • Mathematical and statistical skills in problem solving
  • Software: STATA, MATLAB, Survey design/Qualtrics, Database Management and Data Mining, C++ and FORTRAN, MS Office
  • Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic (basic)

Works Cited by Newspapers:

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Shakeel, M.D. & Wolf, P.J. (forthcoming in 2018). Does private Islamic schooling promote terrorism? An analysis of the educational background of successful American homegrown terrorists. Hungarian Educational Research Journal.
  • DeAngelis, C.A. & Shakeel, M.D. (forthcoming in 2018). Private schooling promotes political and economic freedom? An international fixed effects instrumental variables analysis. School Effectiveness and School Improvement.
  • Zamarro, G., Cheng, A., Shakeel, M.D., & Hitt, C. (forthcoming in 2018). Comparing and validating measures of character skills: Findings from a nationally representative sample. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.
  • Shakeel, M.D. & DeAngelis, C. A. (2017). Who is more free? A comparison of the decision-making of private and public school principals. Journal of School Choice.11(3).
  • Beck, D., Maranto, R., & Shakeel, M.D. (2016). Does rural differ? Comparing parent and student reasons for choosing cyber schooling. The Rural Educator, 37(3).

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters:

  • Maranto, R., Shakeel, M. D. & Rhinesmith, E. (forthcoming in 2018). Immigrant Educational Entrepreneurs: Measuring the performance of Turkish-founded charter schools. In C. L. Glenn (Ed.), Muslim educators in American communities. Charlotte, NC: IAP.
  • Shakeel, M.D., & Wolf, P.J. (forthcoming in 2018). Poor parents are careful choosers: Dispelling the myth that school choice harms the poor. In P. Dixon & S. Humble (Ed.), School choice around the world: What we can learn from national and international contexts. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: IEA Publications.

Works in Progress/Under Review:

  • Shakeel, M.D., Anderson, K.P. & Wolf, P.J. (2018). The participant effects of private school vouchers across the globe: A meta-analytic and systematic review. 
  • Shakeel, M.D. (2018). Islamic schooling in the cultural west: A summary of policy issues concerning school choice. 
  • Shakeel, M.D., Anderson, K.P., & Wolf, P.J. (2018). The juice is worth the squeeze: A cost-effectiveness analysis of the experimental evidence on private school vouchers across the globe.
  • Shakeel, M.D. & DeAngelis, C.A. (2018). Can private schools improve school climate and safety: Evidence from a nationally representative dataset. 
  • Shakeel, M.D. (2018). Who stays, who leaves? Determinants of attrition patterns of school principals across school sectors.
  • Cheng, A., Maranto, R., & Shakeel, M.D. (2018). Do charters empower teachers? Comparing teacher influence in charter and traditional public schools. 
  • Shakeel, M. D., Marshall, D. T., Gastic, B., & Maranto, R. (2018). How training for charter school leaders might differ. In V. A. Storey (Ed.), school type diversification in England and the United States of America: Implications for school leader preparation programs. Charlotte, NC: IAP.

Working Papers:

  • Shakeel, M.D., Anderson, K.P., & Wolf, P.J. (2016). The participant effects of private school vouchers across the globe: A meta-analytic and systematic review. EDRE Working Paper 2016-07. Available at SSRN 2777633