EDRE Working Papers


EDRE Working Papers 2020-2021

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Anaya, Lina and Zamarro, Gema. The role of student effort on performance in PISA: Revisiting the gender gap in achievement (September, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-04.




Erickson, Heidi H., Watson, Angela R. and Greene, Jay P.  An Experimental Evaluation of Arts Field Trips(September 2, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-03.





Cheng, Albert and Florick, Laura, The Value of Study Abroad Experience in the Labor Market: Findings  from a Resume Audit Experiment (February 7, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-02.





Fuchsman, Dillon and Sass, Tim and Zamarro, Gema, Testing, Teacher Turnover and the Distribution of Teachers across Grades and Schools (January 30, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-01.