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◆Goldstein, Jessica, Mills, Jonathan N., Cheng, Albert, Hitt, Collin E. Does the Timing of Money Matter? A Case Study of the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship (June 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022-08

◆ Heape, Allison, Camp, Andrew, & Zamarro, Gema. Revisiting Ethnic Differences in In-Person Learning During 2021-2022 (August 2022). EDRE Research Brief 2022-01.

◆ Costrell, Robert M., & McGee, Josh. Economics of Sustainable Public Pension Funding (June 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022-07.

◆ Camp, Andrew, McGee, Josh & Zamarro, Gema. Changes in Teachers’ Mobility and Attrition in Arkansas During the First Two Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic (June 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022-06.

◆ Harris, Mattie, Maranto, Robert, Reilly, Wilfred, & Wolf, Patrick. Which Police Departments Make Black Lives Matter, Which Don't, and Why Don't Most Social Scientists Care? (May, 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022-05.

◆ Cheng, Albert & Djita, Rian. The Role of Poetry in Cultivating Attentiveness, Curiosity, and Affinity in the Science Classroom. (April, 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022- 04.

◆ Goldhaber, Dan, Grout, Cyrus, Holden, Kris, & McGee, Josh. Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? An Analysis of Pension Structure and Retirement Timing. (April, 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022- 03.

◆ Greene, Jay P. & Paul, James D. Investigating the Relationship Between Negative Selection into Online Schooling and Achievement Growth. (February, 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022-02.

◆ Camp, Andrew, Fuchsman, Dillon, McGee, Josh & Zamarro, Gema. Understanding how COVID-19 has Changed Teachers' Chances of Remaining in the Classroom. (February, 2022). EDRE Working Paper 2022- 01.

◆ Fuchsman, Dillon, McGee, Josh, Zamarro, Gema. Teachers' Knowledge and Preparedness for Retirement: Results from a Nationally Representative Survey. (November, 2021). EDRE Working Paper 2021-11.

◆ Cheng, Albert & Hamlin, Daniel. Contemporary homeschooling arrangements: An analysis of three waves of nationally representative data. (August, 2021). EDRE Working Paper 2021-10.

◆ Hamlin, Daniel & Cheng, Albert. Homeschooling, social isolation, and life trajectories: An analysis of formerly homeschooled adults. (August, 2021). EDRE Working Paper 2021-09.

◆ Djita, Rian, Tran, Bich Thi Ngoc, Nguyen, Nguyet Thi Minh, & Wibawanta, Budi. The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on First-generation, Low-income and Rural Students in Indonesia and Vietnam: A cross-cultural comparative study (August, 2021). EDRE Working Paper 2021-08.

◆ Zamarro, Gema, Camp, Andrew, Fuchsman, Dillon, & McGee, Josh. Understanding how COVID-19 has Changed Teachers' Chances of Remaining in the Classroom (August 2021). EDRE Research Brief No. 2021-01.

◆ Anaya, Lina, Iriberri, Nagore, Rey-Biel, Pedro & Zamarro, Gema. Understanding Performance in Test Taking: The Role of Question Difficulty Order. (April 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-07.

◆ Kingsbury, Ian, Bradley-Dorsey, Martha, & Maranto, Robert. Charter School Closing Inequities: Do automatic closure laws target Black charter entrepreneurs and Black students? (April 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-06.

◆ Paul, James D., Cheng, Albert, Greene, Jay P., & McGee, Josh B. The Value of College Athletics in the Labor Market: Results from a Resume Audit Field Experiment (April 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-05.

◆ Camp, Andrew & Zamarro, Gema Determinants of Ethnic Differences in School Modality Choices during the COVID-19 Crisis (April 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-04.

◆ Cheng, Albert & Djita, Rian Volunteering and Charitable Giving among Australian Young Adults and the Mediating Role of Community Service Emphasis in Secondary Schools (April 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-03.

◆ Greene, Jay P., Cheng, Albert, & Kingsbury, Ian Education and Anti-Semitism (February 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-02.

◆ McGee, Josh B., Mills, Jonathan N., & Goldstein, Jessica S. The Effect of School District Consolidation on Student Achievement: Evidence from Arkansas (January, 2021). EDRE Working Paper No. 2021-01.

◆ Fuchsman, Dillon, McGee, Josh B. & Zamarro, Gema. Teachers' Willingness to Pay for Retirement Benefits: A National Stated Preferences Experiment (October, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-06.

◆ Goldstein, Jessica and McGee, Josh B. Did Spending Cuts During the Great Recession Really Cause Student Outcomes to Decline? (October, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-05.

◆ Anaya, Lina and Zamarro, Gema. The role of student effort on performance in PISA: Revisiting the gender gap in achievement (September, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-04.

◆ Erickson, Heidi H., Watson, Angela R. and Greene, Jay P. An Experimental Evaluation of Arts Field Trips (September 2, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-03.

◆ Cheng, Albert and Florick, Laura, The Value of Study Abroad Experience in the Labor Market: Findings from a Resume Audit Experiment (February 7, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-02.

◆ Fuchsman, Dillon and Sass, Tim and Zamarro, Gema, Testing, Teacher Turnover and the Distribution of Teachers across Grades and Schools (January 30, 2020). EDRE Working Paper No. 2020-01.