Lecture Series

The University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform is pleased to announce these events as part of our 2017-2018 Lecture Series. Unless otherwise indicated, all lectures will be held at noon Fridays in GRAD 343. Please make sure to RSVP before 1 p.m. on the Wednesday before the scheduled lecture. If you have any questions, please direct them to Heidi Holmes.

Fall 2017 Lecture Series

September 15, 2017: Sean Corcoran

Associate Professor of Economics and Education Policy, New York University - Steinhardt

Lecture Title: "Leveling the Playing Field for High School Choice: Results from a Field Experiment of Informational Interventions in NYC."

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October 6, 2017: Jim Peyser

Massachusetts Secretary of Education

Lecture Title: "Education Reform in Massachusetts: the Sources of Success and the Challenge of Complacency." 

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October 13, 2017: Ilana Umansky

Assistant Professor, College of Education, University of Oregon

Lecture Title: "Understanding and Supporting the Educational Needs of Recently-Arrived Immigrant English Learner Students: Lessons for State and Local Education Policy."

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October 27, 2017: Ashley Rogers Berner

Assistant Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute for Education Policy, Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Lecture Title: "Educational Pluralism and the Problem of Culture."

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November 10, 2017: Dan Goldhaber

Director of CEDR, Director and Vice President of CALDER, American Institutes for Research (AIR)

Lecture Title: "Prospects for Improving Teacher Preparation." 

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December 1, 2017: Rajashri Chakrabarti

Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Lecture Title: "The Effect of State Funding for Postsecondary Education on Long-Run Student Outcomes"

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Spring 2018 Lecture Series

January 26, 2018: Keith Look

Superintendent, Danville Schools, Kentucky

Lecture Title: "What degree rotation constitutes school “turnaround?”

"There is nothing formulaic in turning around a low performing school. Factors influencing performance stretch far beyond the use of a research-based curriculum, teacher experience, and student eagerness to learn. A school board’s political will, district staffing systems, community endorsement of education, and scaffolds to reach high expectations – to name a few – influence the rate, degree, and sustainability of change. Even when the process “works,” the definition of turnaround may center more on demarcating improvement rather than signifying a specific level of achievement.

At the Academy at Shawnee in Louisville, KY, the lowest performing high school in the state, we rebuilt every aspect of the school and learning process. Students posted great achievement gains while staff established a healthy culture and climate. But was it “turnaround?” Let’s discuss."    

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February 23, 2018: Ben Scafidi

Professor of Economics and Director of the Education Economic Center, Kennesaw State University

Lecture Title: "The Fiscal Effects of the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program on Local Public School Districts."

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April 20, 2018: Thomas Cook

Joan and Sarepta Harrison Chair of Ethics and Justice and Professor of Sociology, Psychology, and Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University Institute for Policy Research

Lecture Title: "When Quasi-Experiments produce similar Causal Estimates to Randomized Experiments with the same Treatment and Measurement Particulars."

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April 27, 2018: Robert Fox and Nina Buchanan

(Fox) Professor Emeritus of Physics, University of Hawaii at Hilo, and (Buchanan) Professor Emerita of Education, University of Hawaii at Hilo

Lecture Title: "Education vs. Equity: Objectivity in the World of 21st Century Educational Research"

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Date TBA: Mark Berends

Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity (CREO), University of Notre Dame

Lecture Title: TBA

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