EDRE Lecture Series

The University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform is pleased to announce these events as part of our 2021-2022 Lecture Series. All Fall lectures will be held Fridays in GRAD 343 from noon-1:15 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Please make sure to RSVP here before 1 p.m. on the Wednesday before the scheduled lecture. If you have any questions, please direct them to Andrew Camp.

Fall 2021 Lecture Series

October 1: Constance Lindsey

Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina

Lecture Title: "A Scalable Empathic-Mindset Intervention Reduces Group Disparities in School Suspensions"

Suggested Readings: None

October 8: Jennifer Jolly

Director of the Gifted Education and Talent Development Office, University of Alabama

Lecture Title: "Homeschooling & Advanced Learners"

Suggested Readings:

October 22: Michael Hartney

Note: This lecture will be held next door in PEAH 307

Assistant Professor, Boston College

Lecture Title: "Unmasked: How Covid-19 Revealed Painful Truths about America's Schools"

Suggested Readings:

October 29: Jennifer Schiess

Partner, Policy and Evaluation Team, Bellwether Education Partners

Lecture Title: "Priced Out of Public Schools: Complexity of Challenges and Solutions at the Intersection of Policy, Equity, and Politics"

Suggested Readings:

November 19: Davíd Martínez

Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina

Lecture Title: "Equity, Justice, and Participatory Inclusion: Addressing Disparities and Barriers in School Finance"

Suggested Readings:

Spring 2022 Lecture Series

February 11: Drew Bailey

Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine

Lecture Title: "Persistence and Fade-Out of Educational Intervention Effects: Mechanisms and Potential Solutions"

Suggested Readings:

February 25: Elaine Allensworth

Director of the UChicago Consortium on School Research, University of Chicago

Lecture Title: "Rethinking How to Measure School Quality: The Case of the 5Essentials Surveys"

Suggested Readings: 

April 8: Christina Weiland

Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Lecture Title: "Text- Based Mentoring for Postpartum Mothers: Impacts and Lessons from a Mixed Methods Randomized Trial"

Suggested Readings: TBA

April 15: Dominique Baker

Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University

Lecture Title: "The Politics of Community College Districts: A National Overview and Implications for Racial Gerrymandering in Texas"

Suggested Readings: 

April 29: Lindsey Burke

Director of the Center for Education Policy, The Heritage Foundation

Lecture Title: "How the structure of K-12 education is changing: implications for funding and accountability."

Suggested Readings:


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