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Fall 2019 Lecture Series


September 6, 2019: Joshua Dunn

Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Lecture Title: "The Elephant in the Classroom: Conservative Professors, Viewpoint Diversity, and Higher Education."

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October 4, 2019: Robert Kunzman

Professor, Armstrong Chair for Teacher Education, Indiana University School of Education

Lecture Title: "Horace Mann’s Nightmare? Searching for Ties that Bind."

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October 11, 2019: Frank Worrell

Professor of School Psychology, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkley

Lecture Title: "Students' Thoughts About the Past, Present, and Future: Supporting Resilience and Promoting Well-Being."

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November 22, 2019: A. Brooks Bowden

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Lecture Title: "Simplifying Cost Study Design for Education Field Trials" 

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December 6, 2019: Kalena Cortes

Associate Professor, Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University

Lecture Title: "When Behavioral Barriers are Too High or Low - How Timing Matters for Parenting Interventions"

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Spring 2020 Lecture Series

January 31, 2020: Amber Simpson (GRAD 309)

Assistant Professor, Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership, Binghamton University State University of New York

Lecture Title: "Rethinking Education through Making and Tinkering: The Possibilities and the Tensions"

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February 21, 2020: Mike Kofoed

Assistant Professor of Economics, United States Military Academy at West Point

Lecture Title: "Army Enlistment and Free Community College: The Case of Tennessee Promise."

Suggested Readings: TBA


February 28, 2020: Umut Ozek

Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Lecture Title: “The Effects of Disaster Migrants on Host Communities: The Case of Hurricane Maria.”

Suggested Readings: TBA


March 13, 2020: Takisha Moncrief

Professional Development Partner, Moncrief One Team

Lecture Title: "Developing a Leader Identity: A Solution to Increasing Teacher Efficacy and Adolescent Literacy Efficacy."

*Cancelled due to COVID-19*


April 24, 2020: Kathaleena Monds 

Founding Director of the Center for Educational Opportunity, Albany State University

*Cancelled due to COVID-19*



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