Program of Study

Course Number

Course Title


Core Courses



EDRE 6023 Economics of Education 3
EDRE 6033 Politics of Education 3
EDRE 6043 Finance & Education Policy 3
EDRE 6053 Measurement of Educational Outcomes 3
EDRE 5053 Philosophy and History of Education and Education Reform 3

Research Methods



EDRE 6103 Quantitative Analytical Techniques for Education Policy 3
EDRE 6123 Intermediate Quantitative Analytical Techniques for Education Policy 3
EDRE 6213 Program Evaluation & Research Design 3
EDRE 6223 Research Seminar in Education Policy 3

Education Reform Fields

 (at least five of the following six courses)


EDRE 6413 Issues in Education Policy 3
EDRE 6423 Seminar in School Choice Policy 3
EDRE 6433 Seminar in Education Accountability Policy 3
EDRE 6443 Seminar in Education Leadership Policy 3
EDRE 6453 Seminar in Teacher Quality & Public Policy 3
EDRE 6463 Psychology of Education 3


Students will take four electives, which typically will be a combination of relevant course offerings in other departments and directed research projects. The specific electives will all be subject to approval of the Education Policy Graduate Director, and may include subjects such as education law, qualitative methods, advanced quantitative methods, organizational theory, etc. Directed research projects could be either of the student’s own design or within the context of one of the various research projects underway in the Department of Education Reform. 12


EDRE 700V Doctoral Dissertation 18

Total Hours